Contract # CNYG-3416M, R017-115M Fresh kills park is a public park being built atop a landfill reclamation on about 2200 acres in Staten Island. There are several major sections of this project: Bike Station, Security Booth, Photovoltaic Structure, NP Comfort Station, Bird Tower, Overlook Deck.

JOADEM has been and is still providing special Inspection and Materials Testing services on this project since inception in 2018

JOADEM is very familiar with the NYC PARKS processes of execution from Scheduling, Inspection, Reporting, Timesheet, Site meetings, Management, Invoicing, to Payments.

Some of the services we provide includes but are not limited to:

  1. Take on responsibility by signing the Technical Reports TR1, TR2 and TR8
  2. Conduct Flood Zone Compliance Inspections and Lowest Floor Elevation Inspections – per Appendix G and Chapter 17 of the NYC Building Code
  3. Conduct Subgrade Inspections in final (acceptable) stratum beneath the debris including penetrometer testing to determine the Bearing Capacity before spreading base materials
  4. Conduct Soil-fill placement in-place density (Compaction) testing on the final base course
  5. Conduct Rebar and Formwork Inspections on the concrete structures including post installed anchor inspections
  6. Conduct concrete testing and Sampling (TR2)
  7. Laboratory tests from Concrete Compression testing, Soil Proctor testing, Grout testing, Aggregates and Cement testing.
  8. Conduct shop Inspections on structural steel members for Welding, Bolting and Details
Ariel Illustration of Fresh Kills Park
Fresh kills-Overlook
Client: NY Department of Parks and Recreation
General Contractor: Lomma Construction
Project Engineer: Arcadis
Contact Person: +1 631 391 5239

The 26th Ward Wastewater Treatment Plant in Brooklyn is based on a 57.3-acre site and serves about 283,000 residents in East New York, Canarsie, and Brownsville. It has the capacity to receive, clean, and disinfect as many as 170 million gallons a day of combined sanitary and stormwater flow

JOADEM Corporation was hired by SKANSKA – PICONE to provide QC Special Inspections and Materials testing services on this project.

Operations Involved in are: Installation of several thousands of piles, grout testing and Sampling, Installation of bye-pass 82” waste pipe, Rehabilitation of 5 existing sludge tanks. Construction of several manholes, Setting Tanks and underground utilities. Shop Inspection of Rails, Testing of railings atop the Tanks

Some of the services we provide are as follows:

  1. Conduct Subgrade Inspections
  2. Soils-fill placement In-place density Compaction testing
  3. Concrete Cast in place – Rebar, Placement and Testing
  4. Grout testing sampling for grout
  5. Welding Inspections
  6. Structural Steel Bolting
  7. Laboratory testing of concrete, grout and Soils
  8. Shop inspection of Railing materials for compliance with codes
  9. Field visual Inspections and anchor pull testing
78" Temp Waste Pipe
Client: NYC Department of Environmental Protection
General Contractor: SKANSKA - Picone
Project Engineer:
Contact Person: +1 516 403 0915
LaGuardia Airport Central Terminal Building

The LaGuardia redevelopment Project consist of several multiple sub-projects within the Airport. JOADEM was hired by PANYNJ-SKANSKA/WALSH JV to provide QA/QC on this project since August, 2018 till date actively providing Special Inspections and Materials Laboratory Testing service on the following sub-projects:

  • Demolition and reconstruction of the Central Terminal Building (CTB) and associated Infrastructures
  • Construction of concourse A building
  • Construction of the central roadways
  • Construction of the Airside
  • Construction of pedestrian (PED) bridges A and B
  • Construction of Utilities all around the entire projects at multiple locations

JOADEM help to fulfil the 30% Minority (MBE) goal on this project as a Class 1 Special Inspections and Materials Testing Agency.

Some of the services we provide includes but are not limited to:

Special Inspections services on:

  • Structural Steel welding Inspection
  • Structural Steel Bolting Inspection
  • Masonry Inspection
  • Soils: In-place density (compaction) testing
  • Concrete Cast-in-place: placement, rebar, testing and sampling
  • Concrete Plant Inspection
  • Mechanical Inspections
  • Fire Resistant Rated Construction (FRRC) Inspections
  • Sprayed Fire Resistive Material (SFRM)
  • Mechanical Inspections
LGA Airport Terminal B
Client: PANYNJ
General Contractor: SKANSKA - WALSH
Project Engineer:
Contact Person: